About Macomb County

The informational links below provide information specific to Macomb County.

Official County of Macomb Website | County resources and governmental departments

Macomb Intermediate School District | The Macomb Intermediate School District (MISD) is a resource center that offers specialized services educational for school districts and partners in Macomb County.  Some of the services the MISD provides are special education, professional development, and consultant services.

The Right Connection in Macomb County | This Right Connection connects families to community services in Macomb County. From children’s services to senior services, you’ll find a wealth of contact information.

Macomb Community College | Macomb Community College (MCC) is an institution for post-secondary education, providing a variety of academic programs. MCC’s course offerings also include skilled trades, certification programs, and job training. MCC is home to centers for several universities in Michigan.

Michigan Works! | Michigan Works! is an organization that helps youth and adults attain their employment goals.  Michigan Works! offers job training and assistance to those that are unemployed or looking for better job prospects.

United Way for Southeastern Michigan | United Way for Southeastern Michigan is a non-profit organization working for community improvement.

Macomb County Data

The informational links below provide information specific to Macomb County and our region of Southeast Michigan.

Macomb County Census Information from U.S. Census | This link will connect to “QuickFacts” assembled by the U.S.Census.

MacombCounty Data and Statistics – from SEMCOG | This resource will show data and statistics regarding populations, land use, employment, housing, transportation, and maps.

Studies about Literacy
National Institute for Literacy | The National Institute for Literacy develops exhaustive resources for those interested in current developments and trends in literacy.  Its primary aim is to disseminate knowledge to improve literacy instruction and services.

National Center for Education Statistics | The National Center for Education Statistics provides information for those interested in educational subjects.  Importantly, it serves the purpose of providing and analyzing data in the U.S. and elsewhere.

National Coalition for Literacy | The Coalition is an association of national organization and individuals concerned about adult education and literacy and how it impacts our nation in areas like jobs and the economy, immigration and integration, health, children’s education, and the working poor.

ProLiteracy | ProLiteracy champions the power of literacy to improve the lives of adults and their families, communities, and societies.